FOR PROFESSIONALS (CPAs, Attorneys and Financial Planners)

Professional_Pay_Service2Our staff will work closely with you to ensure your clients’ everyday bookkeeping needs and management of medical paperwork is accurate and up to date. Our personal relationship with you will give you peace of mind knowing your clients’ needs are satisfied and your clients can enjoy the lifestyle they desire by providing these services:

  • Sorting though all mail received
  • Writing checks to allow the client to review and sign
  • Balancing all bank and credit card accounts
  • Preparing income/expense reports on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis
  • Organizing tax papers for efficient tax preparation
  • Providing professionals with asset to expense report to prevent any tax related surprises
  • Protecting their client from fraud and abuse
  • Verifying clients’ health insurance provides adequate coverage
  • Managing all insurance explanation of benefits and medical papers
  • Giving the professional peace of mind knowing their clients’ affairs are in order and up to date
  • Allowing the client to remain independent and enjoy the lifestyle they desire


How do you benefit from your clients using our services?

Benefits for the CPA –    When your clients use our services, you will receive the satisfaction knowing you have all the information necessary to complete your tasks. We will organize and deliver all your clients’ tax papers promptly. We will provide you an annual income and expense report to review for possible tax deductions for your client. We will provide an out of pocket medical expense report of your clients’ medical expenses for the year. Once your clients’ tax returns are complete, we will ensure that the e-file Signature Authorization form is signed and forwarded back to your firm. If you inform your clients to pay estimated tax payments, we will make sure the payments are sent to the IRS by each due date.

Benefits for the Financial Planner – With our system, we will communicate with you on a regular basis keeping you up to date on your clients’ spending habits. Each quarter we prepare an income to expense ratio report to determine if expenses are exceeding your clients’ income. If expenses increase, due to your clients’ change in health for example, we will notify you so decisions can be made on how you can provide additional income to your clients from their portfolio. This will prevent your clients from having tax related surprises by liquidating an asset unexpectedly.

Benefits for the Attorney – Making sure your clients’ legal documents are up to date is very important. When your clients use our services, you will have peace of mind knowing that all their affairs are in order. If there are any changes in their family history, we will notify you immediately so decisions can be made to determine if changes are needed on any of your clients’ wills, POAs or trust documents. Your clients will have peace of mind and enjoy the life style they deserve.

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