When Is It Time To Have A Health Insurance Advocate On Your Side?

If you answer YES to any of the following ...

  • Are you confused by the papers, explanation of benefits (EOBs), you receive from your health insurance company?
  • Would you like an experienced individual to explain exactly what your policy covers?
  • Would you like your appeals to be filed by someone with years of experience?
  • Do you want peace of mind?

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Our highly trained and experienced staff can:

  • Ensure that each client has adequate health insurance coverage – We Do Not Sell Insurance.
  • Explain the papers health insurance companies send to clients, guardians, caregivers and geriatric caregivers – Explanation of Benefits (EOBs).
  • Verify that balances on medical bills are correct to ensure cost effectiveness.
  • Assist in the filing of Long Term Care claims to have private duty home care, assisted living expenses or nursing home expenses reimbursed.
  • File appeals for claims incorrectly denied.
  • Inform you of changes in the health insurance industry – Medicare, Medicare Part D and Major Medical Insurance.

Why is this important to you?

For over 25 years, our company has been giving our clients “peace of mind” by managing ALL their medical paperwork for them. Our staff will even provide our clients with mailing labels so all they have to do is put the confusing papers in an envelope, seal it and mail their stress to us...’s that simple!


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