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Fritz Henderson for Corinne Henderson Client since August 2008

Stan Grigiski has done a superb job assisting my mother on medical claims information and handling day-to-day bill paying / financial affairs.

He is dependable, understandable and highly ethical. He also brings a "caring touch" to his work.

Walter and Ruth Zeile Client since March 2011

My wife Ruth and I were "forced" into a service such as you offer because I and our bank were finding more and more mistakes in my book-keeping. Am I happy they did!

Now I feel so much comfortable and have less worries. Stan does such a good job! I am grateful we have him as our counselor.

Jeanne Gaub Client since January 2005

You have no idea how very grateful I am for everyone in this office! I have often said that there are many things I can give up along the way, if necessary, but I will never, ever separate myself from Medical Claim Service of SWFL Inc.! To open my mail and find a bill only makes me smile because I send it off and never give it another thought. What a joy!

Thank you Abi, Amy and Stan for doing what you do so well. Finding you all has been a blessing!

James and Judith Reddington Client since January 2007

We have been clients for several years and would not consider being without this service. We don't have to try to filter all the information and explanation of benefit forms that we receive from our insurance companies. Medical Claim Service acts as our advocate and we don't have to deal with the companies. They have handled issues for us relating to payment of claims, coordination of benefits and other questions and have always done so in a professional and efficient manner. We tell all our friends to call them.

Florence A. Pierson Client since July 2011

Having Stan pay my bill for me gives me such comfort and peace of mind. I know he keeps track and sees that I don't repay a bill, etc. Everything is organized - Very nice.

Barbara Weeks Thompson for Dean and Mary Jane Weeks Client since August 1999

Thank you so much for all you have done for my parents, Dean and Mary Jane Weeks, over the years. They always spoke so highly of you. And thanks for assisting me as I tried to handle their affairs. Everyone at your office has been terrific. Most recently we worked with Amy Hollman and she was great as well.

Your service is so valuable as we all face healthcare reform and especially as your clients age and need more and more assistance. On behalf of families and clients, thank you for understanding. Thank you for being patient and explaining something for the fourth or fifth time. Thank you for treating people with dignity and compassion. Thank you for understanding all this crazy payment stuff. Thank you for being there.