Our Secret To Peace Of Mind

Clients hire us for peace of mind knowing that all their personal bills are paid, accounts are balanced, medical paperwork is reconciled accurately and health insurance benefits provide adequate coverage.

Our current bookkeeping & medical monitoring structure delivers this peace of mind not only to our clients but to their family members as well.

The following is a true scenario that explains how our company assisted Mr. and Mrs. “Smith”. The last name was changed to protect their privacy.

A few years ago Mr. Smith was diagnosed with an illness that required numerous doctor visits and time consuming tasks for Mrs. Smith to care for her husband. Mr. Smith took care of most of the household papers however his illness was taking its toll and the medical papers were piling up.

A friend told Mr. and Mrs. Smith about our company and the services we offer so they called our office to set up an appointment. Within minutes of Mr. and Mrs. Smith meeting our staff, they felt as if a ton of bricks had been removed from their shoulders. They now knew all they had to do was put all those confusing medical papers in an envelope and send them to us. Our staff would then reconcile all the medical papers and inform them of any medical bill to be paid; now they had more quality time to spend with each other instead of worrying about the bills.

Unfortunately Mr. Smith succumbed to his illness and he passed last year. Mrs. Smith now had the task of managing her bookkeeping affairs. She could rely on her family however her son and daughter lived out of state and their jobs called for numerous travel trips. Mrs. Smith remembered that we offered personal bookkeeping services so again she contacted us for assistance. She did so because she was confident in our abilities and trusted us from our past services.

Within a month we were able to setup accounts on our software, create a filing system in her home and communicate with her family to ensure everything was up to date. It was also during tax season, so we were able to gather and organize all the tax papers and deliver them to her CPA; Mrs. Smith felt so relieved.

Currently we meet with Mrs. Smith twice a month at her residence to go over all her mail received. Checks are written for her to review and sign, checkbook registers are updated and balanced, medical papers are reconciled and papers filed. Each visit we compare income to expenses so Mrs. Smith knows exactly how her budget is being met; we even contacted her financial planner so he would be up to date on Mrs. Smith’s expenses.

Because of our services, Mrs. Smith is able to relax and enjoy time with her friends and her family when they visit. If you or someone you know is in a situation similar to Mr. and Mrs. Smith, please give us a call to see how we can offer peace of mind.