Why Would Anyone Need Help With Medical Paperwork If You Have Health Insurance?

Recently I had the opportunity of being interviewed by a newspaper reporter of a small publication concerning the cost of healthcare and how it affects those that are without health insurance. A recent article in Time Magazine, Bitter Pill March 4, 2013 issue, has been creating a lot of interest concerning the skyrocketing cost of healthcare and how those without health insurance are able to manage by being responsible for such large outstanding balances.

When I explained my role as a health insurance advocate and informed the reporter on how we manage our clients’ medical paperwork and that all our clients have some form of health insurance, I was caught a little off guard when the reporter asked “Why would anyone need help with their medical bills if they have insurance?” After the interview, I started to think – if this reporter was unaware about the role of a health insurance advocate and how we help those with insurance, maybe there are many others who are unaware as well.

Health Insurance Advocates, also titled Claims Assistance Professionals (CAPs), have the responsibility to completely manage all their clients’ medical papers. Responsibilities of a CAP cover a wide range of health insurance related issues but let me explain some that our company offers to our clients. Our company explains those papers health insurance companies send, the explanation of benefits, to our clients, to guardians & private caregivers. We also ensure that each client has adequate health insurance coverage although we do NOT sell insurance. When medical bills are received by our clients, we verify that balances are correct and can be paid by sending a cover letter explaining why the balance is due. If a client has a long term care policy, we will assist in the filing of the claim to have private duty home healthcare, assisted living expenses or nursing home expenses reimbursed whenever the client is in need of such services. Often a charge for healthcare services maybe denied by the health insurance company – we will file the appeal for claims denied and follow through until completed. Finally, we strive to keep our clients informed and up to date on the constant changes in the health insurance industry on topics of Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Part D and major medical insurance plans.

As you can see, even those who have health insurance can be confused by the paperwork they receive from health insurance companies or billing statements they receive from their hospital or doctors. A health insurance advocate or CAP is on your side working for you to relive stress and give you peace of mind.

If you would like more information on how a health insurance advocate (CAP) can help you through the maze of medical papers, please call our office to speak to one of our knowledgeable staff.